Career Policy
With the understanding of
of EMPLOYEES first...

Özak GYO employee; is the member of a young and dynamic family, pursuing innovations and believing in change and differentiation. If you would like to work with us, you need to know;

    We Are Here For Our Clients

  • We know our clients always deserve the best.
  • We hold our clients’ trust above everything.
  • We present a simple, transparent and consistent approach.

    We Are An Agile Team

  • We believe success comes from being fast, result-oriented and flexible.
  • We take our power from our enthusiasm and excitement.
  • We run towards the same objective together.

    We Believe in Open Communication

  • We establish sincere and honest relations at any level.
  • We share our knowledge and support different opinions.
  • We learn from our mistakes and question ourselves to achieve better.

    We Make A Difference

  • We do not give up our pioneer identity.
  • We support creative thinking in every fields.
  • We take responsibility, give bold decisions and come to solution.

    We Value Our Employees

  • We consider our employees "internal clients".
  • We believe success is only possible with “happy employees”.
  • We present an approach supporting personal development.
  • We take reformatory steps with internal assessment activities.