Özak Real Estate Investment Trust is a portfolio management company founded to invest in real estates, real estate projects and real estate-based capital market instruments in accordance with the principles and procedures set out by the arrangements of the Capital Markets Board on real estate investment trusts.

Özak GYO is one of the affiliates of Özak Global Holding that has been engaged in construction, tourism and textile industries since 1985. Taking support from the experiences of Inter Yap, the powerful and reliable affiliate of the Group in the construction industry, Özak GYO aims at adding value to human life by focusing on land development, project development, urban transformation and real estate projects with high income-generation potential within the framework of the Capital Market Legislation.

The company, which is totally attached to the principles of Özak Global Holding, aims at offering profitable and valuable investments for its stakeholders with its honest, reliable and transparent operational structure, innovative vision, global point of view and high anticipation.

Our Principles of Investment
Özak Real Estate Investment Trust owes its reputation and profitability in the real estate industry to its principles of investment consisting of 4 articles preserved meticulously. These principles determine the framework of the investments.

  • ÖZAK GYO only supports projects adding value to life.
    The main condition for a real estate project to be supported by Özak GYO is that the project should add value to the contemporary city architecture and lifestyles of the people.
  • ÖZAK GYO establishes a transparent and open relation with all the stakeholders.
    Either investor or project implementer or internal employees… Özak GYO adopts a total openness policy in all the stages to ensure mutual trust.
  • ÖZAK GYO meets investor expectations at maximum level.
    Özak GYO benefits from professional staffs in every stage through feasibility, land acquisition and implementation to fully meet the stakeholders' profitability expectations in short, medium and long term.
  • ÖZAK GYO develops projects to open new horizons in the real estate industry.
    Özak GYO evaluates the real estate industry with a global point of view, beyond the Turkish market. New technologies, applications and life trends are reflected as a whole in Özak GYO projects