Why Özak GYO ?
The main condition for a real estate project to be supported by Özak GYO is that the project should add value to the contemporary city architecture and lifestyles of the people. Either investor or project implementer or internal employees… Özak GYO adopts a total openness policy in all the stages to ensure mutual trust.

20 years of experience in the construction industry
Özak GYO is a real estate investment trust structure taking its power from experience and knowledge of Özak companies, with 30-year experience in business life and 20-year experience in the construction industry.

Exclusive real estate projects completed successfully
Özak GYO is a successful corporation, which has implemented the right investment understanding with exclusive real estate projects on a total area of 200 thousand m2 via investment support. Global vision and reputation Özak GYO has the experience to closely follow up global projects and to invest in projects with highest income-generation potential thanks to support of Özak Global Holding, which holds a worldwide recognition and.

Which assets can ÖZAK GYO invest in?
  • 1. It can purchase and sell capital market instruments, perform money market operations and reverse repo transactions, open demand and time deposit accounts in Turkish Lira or foreign currency.
  • 2.It can purchase and sell office, residence, business center, shopping mall, hospital, hotel, commercial warehouses, commercial parks and similar real estates for profit or rental income. It can equip hotels, hospitals or similar real estates, which need certain minimum equipments, before renting them.
  • 3. It can purchase lands and areas to make trade profit or to develop projects via construction servitude.
  • 4. It can sell real estates, for which right of construction has been established for project development, to make profit after possessing their title.
  • 5. It can sell real estates, for which preliminary real estate sale agreement is executed with annotation in the title deed, to make profit.
  • 6. It can invest in real estate-based projects meeting then requirements set out by the concerned legislation in order to make real estate development profit or rental profit.
  • 7. It can establish and exercise construction servitude on real estates, it can establish time share rights, it can have construction right on its lands to make trade profit.
  • 8. Provided that special arrangements are reserved, it can perform Build-Operate-Transfer projects by establishing construction right on itself or others upon meeting the requirements set out in the concerned legislation.
  • 9. Provided that a guarantee at the amount determined by the committee is deposited, it can invest in real estate-based projects within the framework of the agreement provisions without the purpose of obtaining title or without establishing construction servitude, on condition that the requirements set out in the concerned legislation are met.
  • 10.Provided that the requirements set out in the concerned legislation are met, it can jointly invest in real estate-based projects via construction servitude, on condition that there is no limitation on disposal of the joint owners of their respective portion in the agreement.
  • 11. It can purchase and sell real estates abroad, provided that their title is obtained.
  • 12. 12. It can invest in companies founded abroad, provided that their field of activity is construction only, and in foreign capital market instruments, provided that they are based on real estate.
  • 13. Provided that special agreement provisions are suitable, it can rent real estates from third parties and rent them out to make rental profit.
  • 14. It can perform swap and forward transactions to be protected against risks, write options, obtain time transaction agreements, except the ones based on goods.

The investors can sell shares of Özak GYO at the exchange market and they can also benefit from price fluctuations at the exchange market.
Moreover, since the company’s portfolio is managed by persons specialized in the field of real estate, the results obtained are more effective than individual investments. Furthermore, various tax advantages created in accordance with the legislation are among the reasons of the investors for choosing Özak GYO.

What rights does being a partner of ÖZAK GYO provide for the investors?
Our investors obtain the following rights arising from the Turkish Commercial Code.
  • 1. Right to take the portion from the profit created by the trust,
  • 2. Right to take liquidation portion in case of liquidation of the trust,
  • 3. Right to take portions arising from capital increases of the trust based on its own resources free of charge
  • 4. Right of preference (priority) to take new portions from capital increases of the trust,
  • 5. Right to attend, speak and submit proposals at the general meetings,
  • 6. Right to vote at the general meetings,
  • 7. Right to obtain information about and to examine and audit the activities and accounts of the trust.

Our investors purchase shares from Özak GYO by instructing an intermediary company authorized to perform transactions at the exchange market.